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Posted by Michelle Lamy on Mar 27, 2019 3:46:32 PM

CallN logoCallN Speech Analytics is an intuitive platform that takes recorded calls, transcribes them, and allows businesses to extract useful information. It can also analyze audio patterns that can detect sentiment analysis in a speaker’s voice. This allows businesses and contact centers to gain valuable insights from the voice of their customers. 

Speech AnalyticsSpeech Analytics works in a multi-step process. First, it captures the VOIP audio stream or a recorded call along with the associated metadata (i.e., caller and destination, name/number, date/time stamp, etc.). Speech Recognition technology then  transcribes the recorded call and then interprets the text to provide deeper insights.

Once the Speech is transcribed and converted to text, the customer interactions are converted into a data-set. This then becomes part of the companies Big Data Capability. The main key point with Voice as Big Data is that the value is drawn from spotting trends over thousands of data points, instead of attempting to transcribe each word that is spoken with 100% accuracy.

However, transcription accuracy has gotten more advanced over the years and no analytics company can claim 100% transcription accuracy due to recording quality, which is the main impact. Although the thousands of calls that are being transcribed and viewed as a single data- set can be analyzed and then looked into, there is a vast amount of value to companies.

So what makes CallN unique from its competitors? CallN’s Speech Analytics uses A.I. and Machine Learning to interpret large and difficult data-sets. You can search through voice calls, spot trends and quickly automate insights into the voice of the customer. It is cloud-based and works on almost all VOIP systems. The user interface is simple and easy to use and provides a significant return on investment when purchased.

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