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Posted by Michelle Lamy on Apr 8, 2019 4:00:28 PM

Debit and Credit cards are today's primary method of payment for goods and services.  But how safe is your customer's credit card transaction when made over the phone? 

CallN PCI Compliance capabilities make every transaction secure.  We are committed to the highest levels of information security and best practices enabling strict policies, processes, and procedures with only a simple click.  Our system ensures privacy and confidentiality via SSL and data encryption to meet most industry's standards.  

A potential breach of information can create a financial and legal liability to your business for as much as $400,000 a year.  By Increasing the number of calls that are scanned from the standard 2%-10% to 100% with "issue identification" through CallN PCI compliance you can reduce these risks and thereby providing a Return On Investment for CallN Enterprise Service in less than a 6 month period.Here are the 5 Top Main Reasons to Invest In CallN PCI Compliance Program:

CallN PCI Compliance

  • It’s a Requirement: All merchants and service providers that are transmitting, processing or storing credit or debit cards are required to become PCI Compliant, especially if the data flows through different systems and has to be shared on websites facing public access over the internet
  • Keeping your customer's credit card info secure and building trust: Keeping your customer's information secure builds trust. Having trust brings back customers.
  • Save money by not paying fines: Avoid fines up to $400,000 for not being in compliance. By becoming compliant you can reduce yearly fines. This is a Cost Reduction.
  • Preventing database breaches: Everyday, hackers are trying to break into company databases which leaves customers information at risk. By becoming PCI compliant you have more security added to prevent database breaches within your company or contact center.
  • Data Redaction: All inbound and outbound calls can be recorded and by using our CallN Compliance Program your clients' credit or debit card data will be redacted and the call will be encrypted at rest.

To learn more about our PCI Compliance Program and to see a demo, please click  the link below.

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